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Ewww at the ZooParasites, pheromones, goo and poo … all add up to Ewww! at the Zoo. Animals (including humans) have some pretty gross functions going on – we pass gas, poop, make mucous and throw up.

Most of these functions are actually very useful and helpful to animals:

  • Scat, or poop, can be studied to determine what an animal eats, where it lives and if it’s sick or healthy.
  • Some animals pee or smear saliva on themselves to cool down, repel parasites or as a defense mechanism.
  • Most of the communication that takes place between animals is through scent. Pheromones are chemical marks that animals use to find prey, identify other animals, mark territory, attract mates and to defend themselves.
  • Ewww! At the Zoo is a learning and play area located next to the African lion exhibit. If you’re intrigued by things that make you say “P.U.!”, be sure to stop by Ewww! at the Zoo.

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