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Chain Dogfish

  • Order: Chondrichthyes
  • Family: Carcharhiniformes
  • Genus: Scyliorhinus
  • Species: retifer
Fun Fact

Charin dogfish are harmless to humans and are popular aquarium pets because of their small size and unique pattern. 

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About Chain Dogfish

Chain Dogfish, also known as chain catshark, are small sharks that grow to be about two feet in length when fully mature. You can easily distinguish chain dogfish from other sharks by their tanish-yellow bodies and dark brown or black linking chain pattern on their backs. Their pattern isn’t only beautiful, it acts as a camouflage when they are resting on the ocean floor, protecting them from potential predators. 

Chain Dogfish in the Wild 


Deep, subtropical waters ranging from 250-1,804 feet depending on the region they reside. They linger near the bottom of the ocean most of the time and prefer rocky bottoms.


Chain dogfish are found along the eastern coast of the United States dos to the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and the western Atlantic Ocean.


Chain dogfish primarily eat small, boney fish, squid, marine worms and crustaceans.

Population Status

Their population is increasing and are considered least concern.