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Perfect PAWtraits!

Posted by Erica Rymer Wednesday, April 15, 2020 7:00:00 AM Categories: Animal News

Check Out Our World Art Day Contest Winners

April 15, 2020


Happy World Art Day! To celebrate, we asked you to submit your best animal art and you delivered!

Thank you for all of your creative work. Check out our winners below!


Ages 0-5

African Elephant




African Elephant

Artist: Lucy Byrne 

Age: 5

Fun Fact: Elephants spray water with their trunks!





Ages 6-10






Artist: Megan Siefert


Fun Fact: When flamingos eat, their head is positioned upside down.





Ages 11-16

Red Wolf





Red Wolf

Artist: Chloe Frankey

Age: 12

Fun Fact: Red wolves only walk on their tippy toes.





Ages 17-25




Artist: Kimberly Griggy

Age: 19

Fun Fact: Okapi are closely related to giraffes and have tongues that are 14-18 inches long, meaning they can lick their eyelids or even their ears! They are also masters at hide and seek, due to their stripes that act as camouflage, and their massive ears help them detect any intruders.



Ages 26-35

Okapi and baby


A father Okapi inspects his new baby

Artist: Amber Acord

Age: 30

Animal: Okapi

Fun Fact: Okapi were officially discovered in 1901.  Before that, local tribes would tell stories about them but there were no confirmed sightings leading to the okapi being called the African unicorn, due to the myth-like legend they had become.


Ages 36-45

Red Panda





Artist: Tamara Jaeger

Age: 42

Animal: Red Panda

Fun Fact: Like giant pandas, red pandas have a modified wrist bone that acts like a thumb.




Age 46-55

Sea Turtle



Sea Turtle

Artist: Shannon Elmerick

Age: 48

Fun Fact: Sea turtles start out so small but just know what to do. They know they need to get to the water and know which direction to head towards the ocean. When it’s time for turtles to lay their eggs, they will return to the nest site where they were hatched and the process continues.




Age 55+

Tiger Cub




Tiger Cub

Name: Kathy Boyle

Age: 68

Fun Fact: Tigers are the largest of the big cats.






Thank you again to everyone who participated in our World Art Day contest! All of your artwork was beautiful!

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Our animals miss you and we hope to see you soon!