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Posted by Erica Rymer Sunday, May 31, 2020 8:00:00 AM Categories: Animal News

Check out the winners of our Photography Contest

May 31, 2020


May is National Photography Month and we asked you to celebrate with us by submitting your very best nature photos in our photography contest! Thank you for sending us such lovely pictures. Check out our winners below!




First Place: Heron and Turtle at Towpath Trail

Photographer: Donaven James Pudoka
Age: 27
"Got a really lucky shot while biking down the trail near Wilbeth Road!"


Second Place: Golden Hour Goose

Photographer: Donald Healy
Age: 21
"I took this picture of a goose in Chagrin Falls."


Third Place: Frog Days of Spring

Photographer: Melissa Dumitrescu
Age: 31
"This is one of the beautiful frogs that lives in my little backyard pond! We miss them over the winter, and are so glad they’re back! They seem to be getting used to us being around them too; they don’t hop away when we watch them sitting in the pond or sunning on a rock."


Landscape and Plant Life


First Place: Beauty and the Butterfly

Photographer: Sue Van Hook
Age: 50
"This photo was taken in one of our beautiful Summit County Metro Parks."


Second Place: Break Forth

Photographer: Sherry Galland
Age: 46
"Spring Tulip."


Third Place: Hidden in Plain Sight

Photographer: Sarah Lucic
Age: 37
"This is some of the dry landscape in South Africa on Safari during the month of August. Hidden within the picture is a beautiful leopard."


Isn't Nature Funny?


First Place: Acrobatic Squirrel

Photographer Name: Dan Knauss
Age: 31
"The squirrels outside my parents' house love to do sit-ups while eating sunflower seeds from the feeder, leaving the shells on their bellies."


Second Place: Do you have a worm?

Photographer: Susan Calvin
Age: 45
"Our girls loves worms and think anytime you approach them, you have a worm for them. Norris was excited and came running when she saw me with the camera."


Third Place: The Great Sun Worshipper

Photographer: Sue Van Hook
Age: 50
"This photo was taken of a Himalayan tahr at the Akron Zoo."




First Place: UP North

Photographer: Liz Abruzzese 
Age: 38
"This picture was taken at Lake Michigan in Glen Haven, Michigan."


Second Place: Goodnight Sun

Photographer: Megan McClintic
Age: 33
"A daily ritual on vacation for my daughter and I is saying goodnight to the sun!"


Third Place: Hi Bear!

Photographer: Sherry Galland
Age: 46
"Taken on a trip to the Akron Zoo."