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  • Order: Caudata
  • Family: Ambystomatida
  • Genus: Ambystoma
  • Species: mexicanum
Fun Fact

Axolotls have amazing healing abilities. Normal wound healing in animals occurs through the growth of scar tissue, and this means that most animals won't re-grow a lost limb. However, the axolotl is fully capable of complete limb re-growth.

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    About Axolotls

    Axolotls are neotenic amphibians, meaning they retain their larval, or juvenile characteristics, even as adults. Most specimens never go through metamorphosis, yet are still able to reproduce from one year of age. Those larval characteristics include feathery external gills and finned tails. Adult axolotls are usually 7-11 inches long. They range in color from white (albino) to dark.

    The axolotl at the Akron Zoo is currently in retirement and not available for the public to see at this time. 

    Axolotls in the Wild


    Freshwater wetlands. They require deep water levels and plant growth so they can lay their eggs. Axolotls spend their entire lives underwater.


    Only near Xochimilco, Mexico. They used to be found in Lake Chalco, which is now dried up and Lake Xochimilco has nearly vanished too.


    Their diet consists of worms, insects, tadpoles and a few other invertebrates.

    Population Status

    Listed as “critically endangered” because its area of occupancy is very small, its distribution is severely fragmented, and there is a continuing decline in the extent and quality of its habitat and in the number of mature individuals.

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