Komodo Island

About Mountain Chicken Frogs

The mountain chicken frog gets its name from the locals who first discovered the species, claiming its meat tastes like chicken. This species is also commonly called the giant ditch frog. As one of the world’s largest frogs, mountain chicken frogs can jump up to six feet high, easily soaring over the heads of many adult humans. 

They are nocturnal, meaning that they sleep during the day, typically hiding in leaf litter or under rocks to avoid predators. These frogs become active at night to hunt, playing a vital role in the ecosystem as they keep the number of small animals and invertebrates under control. 
Since the islands they inhabit also lack native mammal species, they are actually the top predator on the islands, apart from humans.

The mountain chicken frog can be found in a wide variety of colors, from chestnut-brown to barred or even spotted. Their sides and stomach are orange-yellow with black markings and they have large eyes with dark pupils and a golden iris. Their bodies are robust, with large heads and well-muscled legs. Male mountain chicken frogs are often smaller than their female counterparts and can be identified by a black 'spur' on each of their thumbs. 

Mountain Chicken Frog at the Akron Zoo

Our mountain chicken frog can be found in Komodo Kingdom.

  • Dominic – male, born June 12, 2004.

Dominic is currently the oldest mountain chicken frog in the world!