June 2015


To purchase an enrichment item for the zoo's animals click here.

What is Animal Enrichment?

Enrichment is very important for everyone! Do you like playing video games or going for walks in the park? These are things that people do for enrichment. Animals love enrichment just as much as people. Animal enrichment involves making items which encourage animals to exhibit their natural behaviors. It could be something as simple as spreading their food around their enclosure, or giving them an item with an interesting new smell. The zoo keepers and education staff work very hard every day to make good enrichment items that are fun for the animals. These items give the animals something to occupy their mind and encourage them to be more active. Next time you are at the zoo check for some enrichment items hiding in the animals' exhibits.

How Can I Help?

You can donate items to the zoo that can be used for animal enrichment.  Below is a list of items that can be donated for enrichment use.  Please contact the zoo before bringing any of these items. 

  • Brown paper bags (lunch or grocery sized)
  • Pillow cases and towels (no snags, rips, or holes)
  • PVC (schedule 40 or 80) – pipes, caps, elbows, etc. any size 
  • New dog, cat, and/or bird toys (plastic, disinfectable)        
  • Cleaned-out, empty kitty litter buckets        
  • Kiddie pools/wading pools – earthtone colors a plus!        
  • Little tykes plastic items (waffle blocks, toys, etc.)        
  • Tempra paint        
  • Paint brushes (all sizes)        
  • Dixie cups (no wax coating)        
  • Construction paper        
  • Packaging paper/butcher paper

Please contact Stephanie Miner at (330) 375-2550 ext. 7280 or at ssminer@akronzoo.org before bringing any of these items for donations.