June 2015


Explore more during your visit by adding either a classroom program or tour. Look at the age-level appropriate choices offered below.

Classroom Programs

Each 45-minute program includes animal ambassadors and hands-on activities for one interactive classroom-style program (30 students or less).


Preschool – Kindergarten
All Creatures Great and Small - Animals come in different shapes and sizes. How do they compare with you
In Living Color - The world is colored with animals. Discover the not-so-black-and-white world of animal colors.
Living Things – Explore the differences between living things and non-living things and meet a few live animals.


Kindergarten – Grade 3

Backyard Wildlife – Discover animals that live in Ohio. Learn about their lives in the wild and how people and animals co-exist.

Fur, Feathers & Scales – Explore what makes birds, mammals and reptiles different.

Where in the world - Explore the different places animals call home, from the desert to the rainforest.


Grade 4 – 6

What’s for Dinner? – Discover how the food web works and how animals interact with each other.

Endangered Species – Learn the difference between endangered and threatened animals and what the zoo does to help them. 


Grades 4 - 12

Fitting Into Your Genes – Did your curly hair come from your mom or dad? See how zoos need to know genetics for heathly animals.


Grades 5 - 12

Survival of the Fittest - How do animals survive in a changing world?


Grades 6 – 12

Wildlife Trade – Discover how different cultures relate to wildlife and how our decisions affect the whole world. 

Adapt and Survive – Explore the many ways animals adapt to their surroundings and see a few awesome adaptations up-close.

Zoo Careers – Meet a variety of employees at the zoo and learn what it takes to make a zoo run successfully.

Exhibit Design – Use mathematics and science to design your own animal habitats.

Training 101 - Explore the psychology behind training natural behaviors.


Zoo Classroom Fees*

Summit County

Single class/consecutive classes      $65/$50

Outside Summit County

Single class/consecutive class         $75/60


Behind the Scenes Tours 

Travel to special areas of the zoo, which are not open to general visitors, to learn about how we operate the zoo. You may see night housing or the animals' kitchen. There is always a surprise in store. Must be 8 years of age or older.

Summit County
Single class/consecutive classes     $80/$65
Outside Summit County 
Single class/consecutive classes     $90/$75

General tours

Have you always wanted to know more about the animals at the zoo?  Join an educator for a personal tour of our animal exhibits.

Tiger Valley – Visit tigers, bears, and red pandas native to Asia.  Learn about their lives in the wild, and here at the zoo.

Legends of the Wild – Learn about snow leopards, jaguars, lemurs, bats and their amazing legends.


Fees* (not available from May 1 - mid-June)

Summit County

Single class/ consecutive classes     $55/$40

Outside Summit County

Single class/consecutive class        $65/50


*All program and tour fees do not include admission or parking.  For information on discounted group tickets, please see our Group Tickets Page.