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Curious Creatures

Enter a world full of plants and animals with strange adaptations. Can you punch as strong as a mantis shrimp? Can you work together like leaf-cutter ants to solve the riddle? Change colors with the panther chameleon and get up-close to different invertebrates at the Learning Lab. 

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About Curious Creatures

Curious Creatures

History of Curious Creatures

Curious Creatures opened in June 2017 and is located in the Komodo Kingdom Education Center. Curious Creatures is located in the exhibit space where Journey to the Reef and Jellies: Rhythm in the Blue once resided. This exhibit space was designed to change exhibits every 4-5 years.

Exhibit Features

Venture through the exhibit and see plants and animals with strange adaptations like unique hunting styles, color-changing abilities, locomotive functions and more! See the animal in action in the wild through the interactive signs.

Learning Lab

See and touch different marine and terrestrial invertebrates up-close. Learning Lab is open April - September.